Webinar: “Libertades en tiempos de pandemia” (Freedoms in times of pandemic)


  1. Confinement in a democratic society: freedom to roam
  2. Was it necessary to declare an alarm status in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic? Were there alternatives?
  3. Is what has been done in line with EU recommendations and standards?
  4. New smart geolocation technologies: a danger/threat to privacy and freedom?
  5. The right to demonstrate and assemble in times of pandemic
  6. The administration of justice under confinement: guarantees and the rule of law
  7. Freedom of Information, hoaxes and public media
  8. Pandemic, Technologies and 5G, Hoaxes… Are individual liberties at risk?


Fundación RAED
Real Academia Europea de Doctores RAED

Con la colaboración de:

Obra Social La Caixa
Generalitat de catalunya
My Planet First


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