Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, the governing body and ordinary management of the Foundation, will be made up of a minimum of five members. The Board of Trustees shall determine the specific number at all times.

Individuals who have full capacity to act and are not disqualified from exercising public office, nor are they involved in any cause of incompatibility, may be members of the Board of Trustees.

Legal persons may form part of the Board of Trustees and must designate the person or individuals who represent them and the order of replacement of the representatives in the event that there are several.
Foundation Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees of the Foundation

Executive committee

The Executive Committee is the body that acts by delegation of the Board of Trustees, resolves the matters specifically entrusted to it by the Board and, in general, monitors the Foundation’s ordinary activity, reporting on its actions to the Board of Trustees.

First Executive Committee of the Foundation

Foundation Board

The Foundation Council is the main advisory body, it will be formed, therefore, by people of special importance in the academic, professional, business, political, associative, cultural or social world, who due to their outstanding knowledge or contributions can help the plenary session. development of the foundational purposes and in the formulation of their strategies and policies, and make a contribution to the foundational capital; as well as the representatives of the legal entities that make a contribution to the founding capital.

Founding Members

Scientific Council

The Board of Trustees, after consultation with the Foundation Board, may appoint as members of the Scientific Council those persons of the highest relevance in the academic and scientific world, and especially winners of the Nobel Prize or Heads of State and Government.

The activity of the Scientific Council will be advisory and representative.


Alfredo Rocafort Nicolau

Alfredo Rocafort


Vivian Hartmann

Vivian Hartmann

Director of Corporate Development

Eugenia Gómez Charines

Eugenia Gómez

Executive Assistant

Javier Rodríguez Sicilia

Javier Rodríguez

IT Director


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